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How can I pay for private tours?

You can pay on the day of your tour in any of following currency: Euros, US dollars or Russian Rubles, we use official cross-rates. Please, note that we don't accept torn and taped, washed out, too old banknotes if you pay in USD or Euros, as well as payment in coins, they are impossible to be exchanged in any banks of Moscow.

IMPORTANT: Tickets to museums are NOT INCLUDED TO PRICE OF TOUR, you will buy the tickets for you and your guide if you decide to visit museums on your tour. 

How do I book a tour?

You can book a private tour by email or fill the booking form on our website, just provide the information we need to book a tour for you on our page Contact. Please, note that until you receive the formal confirmation with booking reference number, your tour is not confirmed.  

Is it possible to change the itinerary?

Yes, it is possible. You can change some parts of the route or replace and add another point of interest. You can always discuss the desired route at the beginning or even during the tour. Our guides have many options to offer you and very flexible with changes. 

However we recommend you to stick to the tour itinerary suggested by us, as they were designed to save your time and show as many places as it's possible to make your tour interesting and enjoyable. 

Are the tickets to museums included to price of tour?

No, tickets to museums are not included to the price of tour.
We want our guests to have options to visit museums if they like to, or skip the museums and go for other sightseeings.

Moscow itself is a big open air museum, has a lot to offer and to see, so you don't have to pay extra if not entering to museums.
If you like to include a guided visit to museum, you will buy the ticket in the museums for you and your guide.

We have themed tours, which include a guided visits to museums and galleries, the pricing is displayed on the pages of each tours.

How do I recognize a guide?

There are our guides' pictures on the website. But anyway the guide will hold a sigh with your name on it at the agreed meeting point.

In case some hotels forbid any signs inside of lobby, your tour guide will be holding or wearing anything of bright YELLOW color, like folder, scarf, etc. 

May I have the contact information of my tour guide I booked a tour with?

We don't provide the customers with telephone number or email addresses of our tour guides before the tour. Not because we don't want to, but this is a personal preference of our guides. Usually the tourists try to contact the assigned tour guide to discuss some other details, but tour guide doesn't pick up the phone, then customers think we gave wrong phone number. Our tour guides are working, all day long with other tourists and in the museums, they could be busy or didn't hear a ring. They also have their personal life afer a work and don't want to be disturbed on days off. 
This is a reason why we don't give phone numbers of our tour guides far before the tour. 1 day before the tour you will receive the contact information of your guide or driver. If you want to discuss other details of the tours, please, contact us through email or phone number indicated on our website. We have special workers - telephone operators and manager to answer to your questions 24/7. 
You can provide our manager with your cell phone working in Russia during your trip, and if in emergency our tour guide will dial you. Your personal contact information won't be given to anyone else, except your tour guide or driver 1 day before the tour. 


Can I choose a tour guide?

Yes, you can choose a guide for your private tours. If our tour guide is available on that day, we will gladly assign this person to be your guide. Please, note in case of unpredictable circumstances, like illness or unavailability of the tour guide, we have a right to replace the tour guide. You will be notified by email.

We try to hire only professional guides, who have a big passion and love for their work. You won't be dissapointed by quality of the tour in case of a tour guide replacement.

Can we go by car?

Yes. But most of our tours are walking. Moscow has terrible traffic problems, that's why we decided to focus on walking tours. We use the Metro (tube) though, if needed - we see it as a good alternative from the sightseeing perspective as well.

You always can book a tour by car, a driver will be waiting for you while visiting museums and taking pictures. But tours by car are much better only for observation tours (without visiting museums). You can come back to museums and visit them on your own, thus you don't have to keep a driver while you are in the museums, and you can spend there as much time as you like.

Please, check our tours by car or send us your wish list, and we will design an exclusive route for you!

I am a solo traveler, what tour should I take - a private or group tour?

We offer the lowest price in Moscow for private walking tours with licensed and professional guides for 1 person. 

There is no a big difference for group tour and private tour for 1 person. The difference is in the comfort. 

If you book a private tour - you will be picked up from your hotel, the starting time will be upon your choice, whenever you like, and you will see exactly what you are interested in. 

What is the difference of half day tour and full day tour? Is it possible to see the same places in a short time if we walk faster?

The difference of tour's duration of 3 hours and 6 hours is exactly the amount of sightseeings. 

Moscow is a huge city, even you run on your tours, you won't be able to cover all of the places of the 6 hours itinerary during 3 hours.

We really try our best to show you as much as we can during the tour, as we appreciate your limited time in Moscow, but if you would like to see all of the places listed on the itinerary you need to book a full day tour (6 hours)

I am a transit passenger and just have a short layover without booking a hotel. Can I have the tour?

Yes. We recommend you to take the Aeroexpress train to get from the Airport to the city center. You can check their website ( for pricing and schedule information. If your flight arrives in the Sheremetievo airport (SVO), the train will take you to the Belorusskiy railway station. If your flight arrives in the Domodedovo airport (DME), the train will take you to the Paveletsky railway station. Add approx 2 hours to your estimated flight arrival time - and that would be your tour starting time. Please let our guide know, when you are in the train by giving him/her a call or sending a text message (SMS), just to confirm that you arrived on time.

Please, check our options for layover day and night tours HERE

Can you help us with visa application?

No. We are focused on city tours only, and we don't not deal with any visa applications or letters of invitation.

You should contact your travel agency or hotel to help you on this.

Usually the hotels can provide the letter of invitation, they do it for commission, on their websites you can find a page of application for visa.


You can order a visa on IVISA center directly HERE

I have a river cruise and will be arriving by ship. Can I have the tour?

Yes. No problem at all. We will be happy to meet you at the Northern River Station (all cruise ships arrive there). You will just need to specify "Northern River Station" and your ship name in the request.


If your river cruise company (for example Viking River Cruise) provides you the group tours and you would like to have private tours with us on other days, let us know their tour program - we won't duplicate it. We offer many different tours and you can create your own itinerary for private tour.

I would like to try traditional Russian food. But I am vegetarian/allergic.

No problem. Russian food can satisfy any taste. Just let us know in advance and your guide will take you to vegetarian restaurant where you can try vegetarian Russian food or if you have allergy your guide will take care that your lunch food excludes allergens.

Can you book tickets to the Bolshoi?

No, unfortunately we don't do that. The Bolshoi theater is extremely popular and almost always sold out.

Although there are some tickets available from dealer agencies, we don't cooperate with them.

You can try to buy tickets when you are in Moscow from the dealers during your tour, your guide might help you.

Are the Kremlin museums, the Armoury and the Diamond Fund included in the Must See tour?

No, but they can be included to your itinerary and it will be considered a separate tour with separate price. 

On our walking tours we observe the Kremlin from outside. The Kremlin museums, the Armoury and the Diamond Fund are not included in the tour. You also can go to Kremlin on your own, for saving money. Our guide will help you get the tickets at the ticket office, will lead you to the entrance and will help with getting the audio guides. That said - we do our best to make your visit most interesting and comfortable, and help you avoid unnecessary expenses. If you want to book a tour to the Kremlin and Armoury, please let us know in advance. The terms of guided tours in Kremlin you can read on the page of Kremlin tour.

We have children with us. Is it OK to have the tour with children?

We love children. While our tours are children friendly, we recommend you to take into account your children's habits and behavior before the long walk. Should you hesitate, we suggest you to take the half-day tour (or two) instead of the full-day private tour.

I have only 1 day in Moscow and I want to see the best, what tour should I choose?

If you have limited time we can suggest you to take tour by car, then if time allows you can continue by walking tour with our guide to cover Red square and other places where the traffic is not allowed or visit the Kremlin.

We are going to stay in Moscow 4-5 days, can you arrange tours for every day and do you have other tours?

We will be happy if you stay in Moscow for longer time, we love our city and want visitors to see how beautiful it is. 1-2 days are not enough to see the main sites of Moscow, as our city is very big. Yes, we have other tours, our guides are locals, so they know city and its history very well, they have many options to offer you for each day. We appreciate your limited time in Moscow, and will not duplicate the itineraries if you are booking several tours with us. Each tour will be adjusted to your interests and each day you will see different places.

Please, contact us, we will be happy to offer you suggestions what to see and to do on other days on guided tours and on your own. 

I want to have a tour today, can I book on the same day?

We will be happy to offer you private Moscow Tours in 3 hours after we receive your inquiry. If you want a walking tour, and our guide is not far from your place, you can start your tour in 1 - 1,5 hours.

Sometimes due technical reasons, we get emails with a big delay. To make sure we receive your request on time, please contact us live, by phone call, sms, or whatsapp. Our manager is online 24/7 and speaks English. 

All we need to know is: 

Your full name

Where to pick you up, address to meet, your room number 

Name and duration of tour

Number of people:

My hotel is near the airport. Is a pick up included?

No, pick up from the hotels is included only if your hotel is inside of Moscow. 

All airports are located outside of Moscow, it will cause extra expenses to get to those hotels (in the airport districts).


You can book a transfer from your hotel or can get to the center of Moscow by Aeroexpress train, where you will be met our tour guide and start your private tour.

What currency should I bring with me? Is it difficult to exchange foreign money to Rubles?

It is easy to exchange the currency in the city. Almost in every street there is an exchange office. 

Please, note that worn out, washed out, torn, cut, and old banknotes are not accepted. 

Exchange offices won't accpet them as they won't be able to sell such bad banknotes to others. 

Also they don't like to take too small notes, like 1, 5 dollars and coins are NOT taken even by banks.

Make sure your bills are not too old. 

From foreign currency only USD and EURO are accepted, the other currency are difficult to be exchanged.

You can buy souvenirs, pay to driver etc in USD or Euro in cash. 

Of course, the best is to have local currency, as in restaurants and supermarkets they don't accept in foreign currency. 

Credit cards are welcomed and accepted in many places. Payment for the tours are ONLY by cash.

Do you guide in Saint Petersburg too?

No. We don't have a branch in Saint Petersburg.  We are a team of licensed local guides of Moscow.

We can recommend you some travel agencies our clients used in Saint Petersburg and were happy with their services.

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