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If your question is not on the list, please don't hesitate to contact us

How can I pay for group tours?

Payment method is by cash on the day of your tour directly to your guide before the start of your tour

I didn't book a tour...

All group tours should be booked at least 1 day in advance.

Some days there was no booking at all and our tour guide won't come to the meeting place. We run the tours even for 1 person if booked in advance. You can contact us by phone, sms, email, whatsapp, viber, skype. 

Our manager is online 24/7 and speaks English.

We have little children with us, can we join a group tour?

We RECOMMEND to book the PRIVATE TOURS if you are coming with little children under the age of 10 years old. Every child is different of course and you know your child best. Our group tours move at a fast pace and your child has to be able to keep up. This is why we suggest private tours where you can go at a pace that is comfortable for your child and you can stop whenever needed. Depending on the age of your children you might want to take the 3 hour private tour rather then the 6 hour private tour. Please also remember if you have a stroller it can be tough going up and down the subway stairs. If you have an infant we have found that being able to strap your baby to you chest or back is a lot easier. We do love children and find that they truly enjoy the experience. It's just a matter of choosing the right tour for them. We can also on private tours mix and match sites to come up with an itinerary that will be fun for your kids.

We are a group of 5-10 people. Can we join a group tour?

Yes, we will be glad to see you on our group tours.

If you are a group of friends or big family of 5-10 people, we recommend you to book a private tour for your group. You will be picked up by our guide in your hotel, and the route will be designed upon your interests, if you like or you can follow our preplaned private tours. No other people will join to your group.


If you still would like to join group tours, you are welcome to book group tours in advance.

Why is advanced booking required for group tours?

There are some reasons:


1) We book tickets for guided visits to the museums on our tours, we need to know excat number of the participants

2)  The size of groups are small. If a group of friends, colleaugues, families book tours and they have enough people to fill the group, we cannot add 2-3 more people to such groups. We form a new group.


2) If there is no booking at all at some days (low seasons) a tour guide won't come to the meeting place. Although we run tours even for 1 person, if booked in advance. Please, book in advance.

You can contact us through different ways: phone, email, whatsapp, viber, skype, sms.

Where does the tour start?

In front of Bolshoi theater. In winter we suggest you to enter the Metro entrance hall, which is located very close to Bolshoi theater to hide from cold and wind. The same in summer, if it is too hot, you can wait inside of Metro buidling, and watch the street view from glass doors. You will see our tour guide holding a yellow folder and standing by the fountains of Bolshoi theater.

For Kremlin tour we meet by ticket office of Moscow Kremlin.

We recommend you to look at google maps with street views option (panorama view), to have an idea how the meeting place looks like.

Are there group size minimums and maximums?

We generally cap our groups at 10 adults to keep things intimate and to avoid looking like those “caravan” tours, where the guides have to hold up bright umbrellas and to wear a microphone. 

I am only 1 person, can I join to group tour?

Yes, you can. Please send us an inquiry. We run group tour even for 1 person. But we suggest to book a private tour if you are concerned about finding meeting place. On the private tours the pick up from your hotel is included.

Is the pricing for tours per group or per person?

The prices listed are per person on the group tours.

I am a transit passenger and just have a short stopover without booking a hotel. Can I join the group tour?

We would suggest you to book a private tour. Our tour guide will pick you up from the train station or we can offer you airport transfer.

If you like to join our group tours, you need to send us an inquiry and come to the meeting point. 

We recommend you to take the Aeroexpress train to get from the Airport to the city centre. You can check their website (www.aeroexpress.ru) for pricing and schedule information. If your flight arrives in the Sheremetievo airport (SVO), the train will take you to the Belorusskiy railway station. If your flight arrives in the Domodedovo airport (DME), the train will take you to the Paveletsky railway station. Add approximately 2 hours to your estimated flight arrival time - and that would be the time when you can join a tour. Please let us know, if you are getting late by giving us a call or sending a text message (SMS).


Don't hesitate to contact us, our manager will give the detailed instuctions how to find the meeting place.

Do tours go out if the weather is bad?

Happy Moscow Tours goes out in rain, snow or shine. Rain will not deter us from showing you some great Moscow City gems—just bring an umbrella or rain coat. 

We have indoor options sites we can visit on bad weather days. This will lessen (not eliminate) the amount of outside time we spend in bad weather.

If you want to cancel your tour because of bad weather or for any other reason, please inform us as soon as possible. We will appreciate it. We also suggest to take warm clothes, especially in the early mornings and evenings, Moscow is not resort city:) So please keep a close watch on the weekly weather report for our area during the time of your planned visit.

How much walking will we do on these tours?

All of our group tours are walking. Our tours travel by metro and foot. We do not use a bus or car. Although tours are walking, the length of tours allow everyone, even untrained people to cover the distances of our tours. Standard duration of tours is about 2-3 hours. 

IF YOU BOOK A PRIVATE TOUR THOUGH WE CAN GO AT WHATEVER PACE YOU CHOOSE. Please keep in mind that the faster the pace, the more we get to see. What is most important though is that you are comfortable and enjoy the day. IF YOU HAVE ANY MOBILITY ISSUES PLEASE DO NOT BOOK THE GROUP TOUR. This is our open tour and everyone has to be able to keep the pace. We strongly encourage you to book our private tour.

Do we stop for lunch on the Group Tour?

Yes! If you feel hungry during the tour (which lasts 3 hours) you can grab a food or coffe to go in the local cafes or restaurants.

Anyway, at the end of the tour, your tour guide can give you tips where to go for lunch or dinner. After the lunch break you can join to the next group tour. 

Do the group tours cover the cost of Metro transportation and lunch?

Metro (subway) cost is included. 

Lunch, food and beverage are not included.

Do you offer tours in other languages?

For all of group tours we offer excursions in English by default. 

Only for few types of group tours other languages are available. 

Languages the group tours can be offered upon requests: Spanish and Portuguese. 

To book a tour offered in a different language you will need to book a private tour. We have tour guides who are available for private tours who are fluent in French, Italian, German. 

Should I tip the Tour Guide?

It's an industry standard to tip your Tour Guide about 10 to 15% of your ticket cost. However, this should only be done for a job well done. If you have a great time and want to thank your tour guide, gratuities are very much appreciated.

Are your group tours appropriate for children?

We always recommend to book PRIVATE TOURS if you are coming with young children. Every child is different of course and you know your child best. Our group tours do move at a specific pace and your child has to be able to keep up. This is why we suggest private tours where you can go at a pace that is comfortable for your child and you can stop whenever needed. 

What should I bring for the walking tour?

Wear comfortable footwear and weather-appropriate clothing. Also bring a camera, as there will be plenty of photo opportunities.

What if I am late?

Each tour starts promptly at the designated time, so please try to arrive 5 to 10 minutes early. If you are not present by the start time, we will leave without you, out of respect for those customers who arrived on time. We will provide you with a contact number in the email with meeting instructions, in case an unforeseen event prevents you from showing up on time. You can call us and we can try to help you locate your tour guide. You also can join another group tour in 2-3 hours, of course, depends on type of tour. 

Are there restroom stops along the way?

We will offer at least one opportunity to use a restroom during each of our walks.

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