As you may know in Moscow city there are 3 different airports - Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo. The best and fastest way to get to the airport to the City Center (or City Centre - Airport) is by Aeroexpress. Just come to one of three Vokzals (Railway Station) in the Center of Moscow and in 35 min you will be at the airport. You can find the destinations below:


from Belorusskiy Vokzal to Sheremet’evo

from Paveletskiy Vokzal to Domodedovo

from Kievskiy Vokzal to Vnukovo


You may buy a ticket and find all information regarding Aeroexpress HERE.


Domodedovo airport


Vnukovo airport 


Sheremetevo airport




We highly recommend you to discuss the price before you get on the car, the price should be fixed, not by meters, otherwise you might be ripped off by dishonest drivers.

If you have Data Plan (cell phone wih local simcard or your simecard) working in Russia, it is the easiest way to book taxi through the apps:

Uber Taxi (although it runs in Russia, they have less available cars than local apps)

GetTaxi  (has many cars available, usually it takes 5 mins to find a car)

Yandex Taxi  (it is the local app offering cars in 2-3 mins)

Local currency exchange

We don't recommend you to exchange a big amout of money to local currency at the airport. The exchange rate is very low

You will need some cash of local Rubles to pay for taxi or food and beverage at the airport. 

Once you arrive to the center of Moscow, you will find many exchange offices open daily at better rate or ATM machines to draw a cash


Moscow is very safe city, you can walk around even at night and feel safe. But unfortunately Moscow's pickpockets are the most talented, you won't notice a lost of your wallet from your unzipped or back pockets of your jeans. Please, be careful in the crowded places


Moscow metro is the main public transport of the capital connecting the central part of the city with industrial and residential areas. At present, Moscow metro carries 56% of the whole number of passengers. It is only metro can provide quick transportation of a big number of passengers from one part of Moscow to another.

All information regarding tickets, working hours, rules, etc. you may find HERE


Check our guided tours of Moscow Metro

Moscow theatres and concert halls


Bolshoi theatre


The Moscow Conservatory


The International House of Music


Old Circus on Tsvetnoi Boulevard 


New Circus on Prospect Vernadskogo



Classical Ballet Theatre

Website is in English


State Kremlin Palace


Moscow Theater  New Opera


National theater of folk dances and songs  Golden Ring


The Moscow State Opera and Ballet Theatre for young audience named after Natalia Sats



Best and impressive restaurants to go: 




one of the best restaurants in Moscow of high class and Russian cuisine.

Over priced though :)



Restaurants with great panorama views:


City Space bar

located in Swissotel on 34th floor with 360 degree view of the city.

It is a great place, almost in the center of Moscow, famous for great cocktails (not so much food).

Dresscode: casual, classical (not sport clothing)

Not cheap :) 


Restaurant 60 (sixty)

Located on 60 th floor of Moscow City business center. The highest in Europe!

Little bit out of Moscow center, hard to find if you are not local :) that is why your tour guide can take you there after your tour.

There the panoramic view of Moscow is more exciting, as shows the whole city, they have better menu to eat, not really Russian cuisine.

Not cheap, but not too over priced.

Dress code: casual, classical (no sport clothes).




Sky Lounge


Reka Moscow

Located in the heart of the Russian capital with unparalleled views of the Moscow River, Reka Moscow Restaurant & Lounge features the best of European and Japanese cuisine.


Bosco Cafe  on Red Square




Kalina Bar  in Lotte Plaza hotel


White Rabbit



It is required to have passport with you to register to enter to the tower.



We don't advertise the hotels, as we don't have partnership with any. All we want is our guests to stay in comfortable hotel closer to center, where the best sightseeings are located. 

You can use this website to find hotel, hostel or apartment for you:

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