Practically everybody knows about the famous Moscow Kremlin on Red Square and only few know about the second kremlin in Moscow, that is called the Izmailovo Kremlin.


The complex “Kremlin and Vernissage in Izmailovo” is located in one of the most beautiful historical places of Moscow, on the bank of Serebryano-Vinogradny pond. City holidays, fairs and festivals are carried out in Izmaylovsky Kremlin. Famous “Vernissage” is the world`s largest exhibition and fair of the items of fine, decorative and applied art, national crafts and trades, souvenirs and antiques. The Kremlin in Izmaylovo is a museum of museums where Museum of Russian dresses and life, Museum of Bells, Museum of Russian Fairy-Tale, Museum of History of Vodka and Museum of Russian Toy are gathered in one place. Here there is also Court yard of Horseshoers, lycée of the national art crafts “Danila-master” where it is possible to practically master potter`s wheel, painting of ware and toys, weaving etc. In Izmaylovo Kremlin the Palace of Russian Meal (analog of historical wooden palace of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich in Izmaylovo) has been built where you can taste traditional dishes of different nationalities of Russia, Palace of Happiness – Wedding Palace and also cafe, taverns and ballrooms.


One more reason to visit this place is Souvenir Market. You can find here all kinds of Matryoshka dolls, magnets, posters, musical boxes, paintings etc. 


Tour is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese

Tour's duration is 3 hours. You can prolong a tour up to 6 hours with extra tours.

Admission fees to Vodka museum, food and beverage, master classes cost are NOT included to price of tour.

Your guide will pick you up from your hotel and take you back to the hotel or any places you like in the end of tour. 

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Admission fee to Vodka museum is 300 RUB

Photo admission in the Kremlin is 100 RUB


Please note that it is an outdoor market, please put warm clothes and boots in winter and autumn seasons.


* There are no ATM machines in the market. They accept cash in local currency and USD or EUR

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The IZMAILOVO Kremlin - entire wooden city(24 ha), real masterpiece of skilful moscow craftsmen, with its Kremlin, Tsar`s Palace , st. Nicolas Cathedral, museum complex, market and numerous traditional russian fairs. 

The place that literally brings you back in time and gives you feel of XVII century Moscow.

the Tsar`s Palace - built in accordance to original drawings of tsar Alexei palace (XVII century) - a huge restaurant of traditional russian cuisine called the Palace of Russian Dining is operating there. The capacity of the 6500 sq.m venue - 1000 person.

Sanctifier Nikolay`s Temple – the highest acting wooden temple of Moscow is located in the territory of the complex.

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In the Vodka History Museum it is possible to familiar with all 500-year history of Russian vodka from the date of its invention and up to now. The museum exposition represents the very first distillation device. You will get to know about the process of vodka preparation and also about the main components Russian vodka consists of today. In the museum you can understand how vodka could impact on the course of important historical events in Russia. 

Vodka always was an integral part of Russian culture and many historical documents confirm this fact: there are Tsar`s decrees and treatises of well-known writers and philosophers of Russia and decrees of different presidents. Distinctive feature of the Vodka History Museum is one of its halls which was reconstructed representing a tavern of the end of XIX century. In “Tavern” it is possible not only to taste the best varieties of vodka produced today in Russia and compare their tastes but also to take a good bite according to the national Russian tradition.

Free vodka shot in Vodka museum for every visitor.

Learn how to drink vodka in 1 shot!!!

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Vernisage in Izmailovo - the biggest in the world exhibition and fair of Applied and Folk Art, place where craftsmen and painters from whole Russia gather to show and sell theirs works. Undoubtedly top spot to buy the best Russian souvenirs in Moscow and entire Russia.

In souvenir market you can buy Russian dolls and all kinds of souvenirs, don't forget to bargain the prices ;)

Christmas souvenirs in the market

Get one of the Russian Fathers Frost

Here you can find any souvenirs and items, traditional, modern, exclusive, weird and extrvagant...

Famous Russian Hats - Ushanka

Fake fur, Real Fur, Military style

For admirers of painting there is art section in market, where you can have a look or buy the paintings.

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on weekends flea market is open, where you can find old stuff of Soviet era and etc.

You can get all sorts here, guns, bullets, religious icons, paintings, rugs, medals, coins etc

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The Izmailovo Kremlin is a regular venue for mass celebrations and national outdoor fetes, exhibitions, trade fairs and festivals devoted to Russian handcraft and national folk arts. Russian history is "coming back to life" in theatrical performances and animated shows. Whole complex of educational and entertainment programs is dedicated to children. Performances of concert groups, mass games, competitions, fun fights, horse riding, battles of epical heroes, fisticuffs, and pancake week parades - all these are an essential part of cultural life in Kremlin in Izmailovo.


traditional russian crafts master classes where you can watch and even do a little bit of DIY in wood, 

glass and pottery painting, blacksmith, pottery, wood carving, patchwork, dole making and many more.


* You can participate in events and master classes on special dates of National or Folkloric holidays only. 

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