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Layover day tour

by walk or by car

Don't waste your time stuck at the airport terminal 

during your Moscow layover!


In fact, a layover can be a memorable part of your trip and fun! 

If you have the 6-8 hours layover in Moscow and decide to explore Moscow during that time, this tour is the one you need. 



Even if you plan to leave the airport for only a few hours, you should obtain Russian visa.

If your layover is less than 4 hours, we suggest you to stay in the airport, as all three Moscow airports situated far from the downtown.

This tour is run from 8:00 to 23:30, when all public transport works. If you arrive to Moscow in the middle of the night, book Layover Night tour ->>>

Please, inform us about your flight information, arrival and departure time, so we can keep tracking your flights in case of delay and will end the tour on time to make you get back to the airport without being late.

We offer you 2 different options of Layover day tour:

Option 1:

You take an Aeroexpress train to get to the center, our tour guide will meet you at the train station in the city center. 

Choose a tour from our website : walking or by car. 

You start the tour when you arrive to the center and meet our tour guide.

In the end of the tour, you take Aeroexpress train to get back to the airport. 

Tickets to Aeroexpress are not included to the price of the tour. You can buy tickets online here->>> or upon your arrival to airport in the ticket office of Aeroexpress. 

So you pay only for the tour and tickets for Aeroexpress train.

Option 2:

You book a transfer from airport. 

Our driver meets you in the airport with a sign of your name and takes you to the center of Moscow. 

Our tour guide will meet you and start the tour in the center of Moscow. 

You choose the tour on our website: walking or by car.

In the end of the tour, our driver will take you back to the airport. 

Airport transfers costs you can see here ->>>

So you pay only for the tour and 2 airport transfers