Night layover

by car / minivan

Don't waste your time stuck at the airport terminal 

during your Moscow layover at night!


In fact, a layover can be a memorable part of your trip and fun! 

If you have the 6-8 hours layover in the middle of the night in Moscow and decide to explore Moscow during that time, this tour is the one you need. 

We are aware of how important your time is while on transit. With our meet and greet service, the tour begins from the moment you arrive in Moscow. 
You will be welcomed at your airport by our tour guide carrying a sign of your name. At the end of your tour you will be taken back to airport by our driver.



Even if you plan to leave the airport for only a few hours, you should obtain Russian visa.

If your layover is less than 4 hours, we suggest you to stay in the airport, as all three Moscow airports situated far from the downtown.

This tour is run only in night time when all public transport doesn't work. If your layover during day time click here ->>>

  • Price is per tour, includes a pick up and drop off to your airport, private excursion with private English speaking driver.

  • Our driver will meet you at the airport. The tour is designed to show you as much as possible by your guide.

  • Tour price includes all parking fees.

  • Food and beverage are NOT included to price.

  • If you would like to try Russian food, your tour guide will take you to a local restaurant. Yes, Moscow restaurants are open 24 hours!!!

  • Starting time period from 22:00 to 08:00 , when public transport doesn't work.

  • Please note, if your layover is at day time, you can choose other walking tours

  • Duration of tour is 3-5 hours


1-3 people

with no luggage

Standart car 

15000 RUB

4-6 people

with no luggae


20000 RUB

7-12 people

with no luggage


25000 RUB

13-20 people


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Frequently asked questions


How do I pay for this tour?

You can pay on the day of tour by cash directly to your guide, in any currency: USD, EURO, Rubles


Does my driver speak Enlish (Spanish, etc)?

You don't need English speaking driver, as you will be escorted by your private tour guide who fluently speaks your language.

Driver will not be guiding you, he will drive a car and will take care of your safety and will be busy with parking places.


Who will meet me at the airport?

Our tour guide and driver with car (minivan). Indeed you will have 2 locals accompanying on this tour. 


My layover is at day time, what tour do you offer?

We can offer a budget option of layover tour. 

You can use Aeroexpress trains to come from airport to the city center (it will take you 40-45 mins by train) , where you will be met by our tour guide and start your private tour. 

All airports have english signs, it will be easy for you to find Aeroexpress trains. All you need is to buy tickets and get on the train. Once you arrive to Moscow center, your tour guide will take care of you. 


I want my tour guide to meet me in airport!

All airports are located outside of Moscow. If you are ready to pay for transfer expenses of your guide, you will have your guide meeting and greeting you at arrival hall of your airport. We suggest you to book a transfer from airport>>>


Should I exchange currency in the airport to have local money with me?

No, please, don't do that. The rate is quite low in airports, our guests keep complaining about this. 

You can exchange your money to Rubles in the center of Moscow, during the tour. Actually you don't need Rubles on this tour, you can pay back in foreign currency for extra costs you had to your guide (in case if your guide paid for you). There is no any problems with exchanging in the city. 


Will my tour guide take me back to airport at the end tour?

Yes, you will be taken back to airport by our guide and driver by car. We do care for your safety, and don't want you to miss your flight. Your tour guide and driver will keep tracking the time, to make sure you will be back at the airport on time.


Can I buy souvenirs, food, drinks on this tour during the night?

Yes, you can stop for souvenirs and food (drinks). Shops, supermarkets, restaurants and cafes are open 24 hours in Moscow. 



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