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Kremlin meeting place and Calendar


Tour guide will wait by ticket office of the Kremlin

and will hold a folder of YELLOW color to be recognized. We don't hold yellow umbrella or flag and don't wear yellow clothes.

Please, note, that entrance to Kremlin is not a ticket office. Please, find the ticket office in the garden, few steps away from entrance to Kremlin. 

How to get to the Moscow Kremlin

It is easy to get to the Kremlin by subway:
stations “Borovitskaya” (Боровицкая), “Biblioteka imeni Lenina” (Библиотека им.Ленина), “Aleksandrovskiy sad” (Александровский сад), “Arbatskaya” (Арбатская), “Teatralnaya” (Театральная), “Ploschad Revolyutsii” (Площадь Революции), “Okhotniy Ryad” (Охотный ряд).

The nearest subway stations are Arbatskaya, Borovitskaya & Biblioteka imeni Lenina.

Kutafya tower the first thing you will see on the way to the ticket office.

Look at the map. There are two entrances to Kremlin (shown by red arrows), both are located on the side of Alexandrovsky gardens (Alexandrovsky Sad in Russian). 

The main one is through the Kutafya tower (1). To visit the Armoury chamber and the Diamond Fund go to the end of the Gardens along the Kremlin wall to the Borovitskaya Tower (2).

Ticket offices are in the Alexandrovsky Gardens as well (blue arrows). There your guide will wait for you

Green arrow shows an exit from an underpass to the Alexandrovsky Garden, ticket booths, and the Kutafya Tower.

Please, use "Street view on Google Maps" to see the meeting place