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Excellent on 1st day

See all of Moscow's main sights in one tour. Admire the beauty of the city. Get an insider's view of Moscow life - have lunch at one of the most popular city's restaurants or just have free time for lunch at a place of your choice, ride the Moscow subway and see a few of its most beautiful stations, go shopping for famous Moscow chocolate and vodka at the most elegant grocery store in the country, walk down some of the oldest Moscow's streets and pedestrian alleys where every step is filled with history and art.


Excellent for 1st day


Daily, except Thursdays

The Russian poet Lermontov had this to say of the Kremlin in 1833, 'What can compare to the Kremlin which sits on a high hill like the crown of sovereignty on the brow of an awesome ruler. No!', he went on, 'neither the Kremlin, nor the walls, nor its dark passages, nor the splendid palaces can be described. They must be seen, they must be seen!'


Excellent for 2nd day


Moscow metro is considered the most beautiful one in the world. Every station has its own beauty, character and history. Discover all secrets and legends of our UNDERGROUND PALACES!



Moscow was the heart and soul of the Soviet Union. The days of Soviet Communism are long gone but reminders of the era are all around Moscow, ensuring it will never be forgotten. Moscow was the heart and soul of the Soviet Union, where Lenin, Stalin and many other important political figures made decisions that changed the world, keeping the country under Communist rule for more than 70 years. If you’re a history buff – or just curious about the Moscow sights & attractions that are relics of the Soviet Union – here is a USSR tour of Moscow for you!


Excellent for 3d day

Practically everybody knows about the famous Moscow Kremlin on Red Square and only few know about the second kremlin in Moscow, that is called the Izmailovo Kremlin. Buy the souvenirs for best price, try Russian vodka, learn about its history, taste the Russian Shishkebabs and have fun! 

Out of the noisy city center, enjoy the calmness and beauty of Novodevichy convent and cemetery. 

Take the chance to see the best panorama of the city on the highest point of Moscow on Sparrow Hills.


Visit the districts not shown to tourists on the standard tours.

Zamoskvorechye - beyond Moscow River.


Nearly every visitor becomes acquainted with Moscow’s Zamoskvorechye district, home to the Tretyakov Gallery. But this area’s lesser known back streets are equally remarkable for what they have preserved: the merchant class, the grand estates, the street names marking the Mongol-Tatar yoke… even the dust feels original.

Stuck at the airport terminal during your Moscow layover?


In fact, a layover can be a memorable part of your trip and fun!


If you have the 6-8 hours layover in Moscow and decide to explore Moscow during that time, this tour is the one you need. 

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